Friday, January 28, 2011

Glenn Beck on the Idiocy of Americans

On January 17th, Glenn Beck reported on John Dean's comments concerning the susceptibility of 25% of people in a given population to easily follow a leader who will instruct them in what their views should be. Dean elaborates on this point and concludes the segment with a warning about the power that the Palins, Becks, and O 'Reillys hold in the world. Unfortunately, many do take the media at face value and fail to investigate the claims that are heard on the television or radio. Beck, instead of acknowledging that many people do in fact blindly believe what he reports, says that these liberals are, "Evil." He cannot merely stress that other people may have a different viewpoint, but creates a fear of them. It is entertainment personalities like Glenn Beck that create fear, and in turn violence, in those who are opposed to each other. There can be no progress if civil discourse between groups is impossible.

Here is a link to a brief biography of Glenn Beck. You may find his past in the entertainment industry and education (or lack thereof) an interesting testament to his credentials.

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  1. I can't stand Glen Beck or any of the other "compassionate" conservatives on the Fox news network. By the way, the word fox equates to 666 in numerology. Just thought I'd point that out to ya! lol